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Meet the team.

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KATIE MULLALEY-WALTERS is our Head Chef. She started with us in 2021 and has recently returned from spending the year with her daughter Evelyn on maternity leave. Katie has been working in the hospitality industry for 17 years and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with her. From serving and bartending, managing cafes and food trucks to cooking at fine dining restaurants and bistros, Katie has learned from some incredibly talented chefs and professionals in the industry.

When asked about her favorite thing about working here, Katie said “It’s the team of people I work with and the impact our work has. Everyone at HHC is so kind, dedicated and talented and I feel so grateful to be a part of that team. The work we do not only brings people together over a great meal, but it has such a positive impact on the community through our Culinary Training Program, Meals Squared Program, and many other initiatives through Stella’s Circle.”


ISOLDE NEIS-EVANS is our Catering Coordinator, also known as Hospitality Hero. She’s worked in the food service industry for a very long time and brings a wealth of experience managing, cooking, and serving at restaurants across Atlantic Canada. Isolde can multi task both the café and the catering sides of the business, and you’ll find her wherever customers need her most – on the floor, behind an email, or out on delivery. She loves to have a chat with the regulars.


Isolde has been with the organization for close to 5 years. “The longer I’m here, the more I learn about our positive impact within the community.” Isolde’s favourite seasonal special is Zach's Chanterelles on Toast and it's hard to say no to anything that Jon bakes.


PAUL FUREY is face, heart, and soul of the Hungry Heart Café. If you’ve called in or dropped by for a visit, you’ll know Paul for his friendly demeanor and impeccable customer service. There’s good reason we coined the hashtag #BetterCallPaul! Paul has been with the Hungry Heart Café since Day 1 and has worked here for 17 years and counting. He enjoys working at the Café because he says “here we’re people, not numbers.” The social impact of Hungry Heart is never lost on Paul. After 9 years on the streets, Paul achieved housing and a job here at the Hungry Heart with help from Stella's Circle.


Paul's favourite task as our Head Waiter is opening for business every day. If you’re ever stuck on the menu, your best bet is to ask Paul. He knows just what to recommend! His favourite menu item: the Breakfast on a Bun with bacon AND veg!


ZACHARY PORTER is our Chef Apprentice, and has been cooking in our kitchen for 6 years. He describes the Hungry Heart team as his second family. Zach graduated with Honours in Culinary Arts from Academy Canada and from the Advanced Commercial Cooking program at the College of the North Atlantic. With all of those skills, it’s no wonder he’s our jack of all trades!


Zach’s favourite thing to cook is a toss up between our epic burgers and our Meals Squared meals that help vulnerable people facing food insecurity. Zach loves our mission, and how we help teach and train both students and Stella’s Circle participants skills in food preparation and kitchen safety. He’s pretty fond of every item on the menu. It could be because he says “we put our hearts and lots of love into every dish.” But what Zach wants to share most about the Hungry Heart is that it’s here to help. “Whether it’s a meal or a job placement, you can always count on the Hungry Heart!”

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NICK GARDNER  is our Catering Chef. He is also the primary culinary instructor for Stella’s Circle participants doing Culinary Skills Exploration. Besides teaching and preparing catering meals, Nick's other responsibility is with the production of meals for the Meals Squared food program producing on average 300 meals per week. He's a busy guy!


When asked what his favourite thing is about working here, he says it's the people. "The work we do at HHC makes a daily impact on many people’s lives. I am but a small cog in a very well oiled and respected machine. It is the people of HHC which makes it a special place to be and the place I want to be."

Nick has had many careers over the years - he has been a food writer, newspaper columnist, published author, philanthropic fundraiser, Operations Manager for an arts organization, business manager for an independent record label, entrepreneur and now, finally Catering Chef. 

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AUDREY BROWN is our Line Cook, and has been cooking in our kitchen since April 2022. She describes her co-workers as a true team and says she loves the team that they have built.  Audrey has worked in kitchens all over Canada, with over ten years in fine dining. All of this experience allowed her to hone her skills and learn from incredibly talented chefs. 


Audrey spent some time working in a retirement home, which is where she discovered her love of helping others. She loves that through her work with the Hungry Heart Café she gets to continue helping her community while creating delicious food for guests! 


JONATHAN HOWELL is our Baker, and has been a member of our team for a little less than a year! He is a young and energetic guy that loves to make people laugh and inspire others with his yummy pastries and breads. 


Jon says he felt an immediate sense of community when joining the Café team and has gained a real understanding and respect for the fact that people are just "people who want to feel a connection."

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