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Social impact is on the menu.

Not just a superb restaurant and caterer but a social enterprise. Every dollar of revenue generated by the Hungry Heart is reinvested into our social justice work.

Eat well, do good.

Beyond our customers, we also feed people experiencing food insecurity. Many of the participants of Stella's Circle and other marginalized community members live in poverty. Our Meals Squared program provides them with tasty well-balanced meals to lessen hunger. 

The Meals Squared program is entirely funded by the generosity of Hungry Heart customers. Adding small donations to your bill provides a meal to someone in need. At the Hungry Heart, you can eat well and do good.


Meals Squared were packaged & distributed in 2023.

The best social program is a job.

We provide job training and work experience for marginalized adults,  like the participants at Stella's Circle. The Hungry Heart is a safe learning environment for folks facing barriers to inclusion in their community. Barriers like mental health challenges, addictions, poverty, homelessness, trauma, criminal justice history, low literacy, and unemployment. Real work gives them the skills and confidence to gain economic independence and reach their fullest potential. We like to think of it as giving people a hand up, instead of a hand out. 


participants have received employment training in our restaurant
supported employment hours.


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