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Welcome to the Hungry Heart.

An award–winning social enterprise of Stella's Circle. Hungry Heart Cafe & Catering has a legacy of 17 years as full service restaurant and catering business that employs Stella's Circle participants. 

We’ve been doing this work since 2007 and are proud to be a social justice leader that uses training and employment as a dignified means of helping people regain their confidence, skills, and economic independence. We're also a collaborator in our community to help improve food security. 

Some exciting changes are coming. We’re expanding to 77 Charter Ave where we have more space to run our employment training for Stella’s Circle participants and our food security work. We can’t wait to share more details on our cafe hours there soon. But you won't miss us too much - catering is still business as usual! We're open for catering and remain committed to providing you with the excellent food and service you’re well accustomed to.
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Dinner Table

Serve social justice at your next event.


Eat well, do good.

Customers can choose to add small donations to their bill to support our Meals Squared program.
$4.00 provides 1 nutritious, delicious meal to a Stella's Circle participant to help lessen hunger.​
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